Instant Pot Best Ever Meatloaf & Mashed Potatoes

Instant Pot Best Ever Meatloaf & Mashed Potatoes
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2018-09-05 20:00:05 ~ duration: 00:14:31

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The word “meatloaf” can have a bad rap and make people think of Leave It To Beaver or sad school cafeteria food. I mean, it’s not the prettiest sounding name now, is it?

But let’s not let names get the best of our judgement. For I’ve just created a meatloaf so tender, moist, juicy and full of jubilant flavor that I’m claiming it the meatloaf to end all other meatloaves. Like, if Meatloaf the singer tried it, he would do anything for love and he WOULD do that.

And as if making the greatest meatloaf wasn’t enough, let’s up the ante with a huge bonus here. We’re also going to make the most out-of-this-world, creamy, cheesy, chunky, garlic-y mashed potatoes at the SAME TIME in the SAME POT!

This is an epic-massive feast of a meal fit for…

2018-09-05 20:00:05 ~ duration: 00:14:31

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