Instant Pot Wonton Soup

Instant Pot Wonton Soup
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2018-06-02 22:09:09 ~ duration: 00:15:48

Recipe Here!:

The time has come for me to make one of the singular most greatest soups on this planet and do it my way. And that is going to be one of the most wonderful, comforting, yet light soups one can slurp: Wonton Soup.

This classic Chinese staple is as good as soup gets: a delightfully tasty, yet simple and light broth adorned with wonderful, delicate meat-like pillows knows as wontons. And let’s not forget a few stunning greens caressing the wontons as well as some strands of chicken (or pork) floating in the broth and then topped with some crunchy noodles!

You’re going to be able to make this either in your Instant Pot or just as simply on the stove. Forget the bland broth and clunky wontons with meat the size of a Skittle. We’re talking perfect wontons in a broth so beautiful, it will be one of the most legit, perfect and flavorful wonton soups you’ve ever enjoyed – rivaling even the best of NYC…

2018-06-02 22:09:09 ~ duration: 00:15:48

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